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Current issue : #56 | Release date : 2000-01-05 | Editor : route
IntroductionPhrack Staff
Phrack LoopbackPhrack Staff
Phrack Line Noisevarious
Phrack ProphilePhrack Staff
Bypassing StackGuard and StackShieldKil3r & Bulba
Project Area52Irib & Simple Nomad & Jitsu-Disk
Shared Library Redirection via ELF PLT InfectionSilvio
Smashing C++ VPTRsrix
Backdooring binary objectsklog
Things To Do in Cisco Land When You're Deadgaius
A Strict Anomaly Detection Model for IDSbeetle & sasha
Distributed Toolslifeline & sasha
Introduction to PAMBryan Ericson
Exploiting Non-adjacent Memory Spacestwitch
Writing MIPS/Irix shellcodescut
Phrack Magazine Extraction UtilityPhrack Staff
Title : Introduction
Author : Phrack Staff
+---=0x5b 0x72 0x65 0x67 0x69 0x73 0x74 0x65 0x72 0x65 0x64 0x20 0x20 0x68=---+
|           a_                            _y        88888888      ad8888ba,   |
|           MM                            MM[      88            8P'    "Y8   |
|   __ __    M _,   __  __  ____     __ _  B[___   88  ----     d8            |
|   0Mm0M0_  MMMM_  #MmMMm  0MM0y  _MMMMF  #[MMM   88a8PPPP8b,  88,dd888bb,   |
|    MP ~~0  Mf "M   BM' Y  ~  BF  BP ~MF  #_#F    PP"     `8b  88P'    `8b   |
|    0    M  M   M   4f     m000F  M   ~'  #MM              d8  88       d8   |
|    #y  _M  M   M   #l    4M  ]F  M_   _  #MMk    Y8a     a8P  88a     a8P   |
|    0MmmMf yMg mMs m0mmm  4&  M0r R0mmmP mMf~Mmr  "Y88888P"    "Y88888P"     |
|    M~""   """ "*` 9MMP^   PM"~P'  ~M"~  "^  "^'                             |
|    M                                                                        |
|    M                                                                        |
|   MMM#                                                                      |
+---=0x65 0x78 0x20 0x20 0x6f 0x66 0x66 0x65 0x6e 0x64 0x65 0x72 0x7a 0x5b=---+

                            Volume 0xa Issue 0x38

|-------------------------- I N T R O D U C T I O N --------------------------|
|------------------------- J'envoie la sauce!  b00m! -------------------------|

In much of the same SPECTACULAR fashion you've come to expect, here iz your
56th god damned issue of Phrack mutherfuckin' Magazine.  Late?  Nono.  Late
would imply that there exists a publishing schedule of some sort.  We now know
this really isn't the case.  So, in actuality, this issue may in fact be
early.  We have our best people looking into it...


Riotz and protestz and retardz, OH MY!

JESUS CHRIST PEOPLE.  This whole Elian Gonzalez debacle can just goto hell.
And of course I mean that figuratively speaking.  I'm not so callous or jaded
as to wish harm on an innocent child, but I speak for a significant majority of
people when I say:

                        "Enough is e-fucking-nough".

Since November of 1999, the U.S. Government has entangled itself in an
embroiled political, social and economic mess that just needs to END.

Ok, here's the whole story in a nutshell.  Around Thanksgiving of last year,
this fisherman finds a kid floating in an innertube a few miles from Pompano
Beach, FL.  The fisherman does what any God-fearing Samaritan would do: he
pulls the kid out of the water and takes him to the hospital.  So the saga

And here's how it should end:

Elian should go back to Cuba with his biological father.  Sure, Cuba sucks,
but this is a six-year-old child whose father wants him to come home.  Since
when is it the US Government's job to act as social services for a sovereign
Communist Country family?  Oh, by the way, this has cost the U.S. Taxpayer
more than $580,000 so far.  And it's not over.


As it happens, apparently Elian has some (distant) relatives in the US who
managed to sneak out of Cuba. Congratulations.  Good for them.  So somehow,
these people seem to think they have a stake in all this.  Wonderful.  Kids
come running for the great taste of fifteen minutes of fame!

Ok.  And what about these relatives?  Well, they're nutz, for one.  Second of
all, they're hardly "close" relativez.  What, that one nutty chick is his
second cousin?  Does that even count?  Great-uncles, and their brothers aside,
a boy's FATHER is his FATHER.  Crikey.  If this was *my* kid, I'd be like: "Ok,
junior, get in the fucking car, we're going home".

Do any of these superfluous people realize what they're doing?  Nevermind the
fact that this little boy is probably going to be scarred in some horribly
repressed fashion, and all the money this is costing...  Wait no..  Actually
that's pretty much the crux of the issue.  Well, my issue with it.  I'm just
sick of it.  Gawd.

And what the hell is up with all the rioters?  Thuggish lowbrows seen on CNN
yelling "FUCK THIS COUNTRY" (after the INS snatch).  Hey guess what retard?  If
you don't like, go the fuck back to Cuba.  Like you even know what you're upset
about.  You just wanted an excuse to break shit and burn things (which they did

STILL HAVE IN ALL THIS?  Keep stretching those 15 minutez there buddy!  I must
say though, the open weeping on national television was very nice.  "The

Oh, and did I mention that someone named "Jesus Lizarazo" registered
eliangonzalez.com?  Who the crap hell iz that?

Stop the insanity.


Oh, by the by, there'z obviously been an overall format change.  Nothing too
major but I got real bored with the old one.  I think the racing stripez add a
nice touch.  Oh, and I hope you like Hex.  Coz I shure do.  Sorry.  No Phrack
World News this time around.  But how many of you guyz actually read it anyway?



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Phrack Magazine Volume 10 Number 56, May 01, 2000.  ISSN 1068-1035
Contents Copyright (c) 2000 Phrack Magazine.  All Rights Reserved.  Nothing may
be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from the editor
in chief.  Phrack Magazine is made available to the public, as often as
possible, free of charge.  Go nuts people.  And stop bitching.  You don't pay
for this shit.

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 *  editors and contributors, truthful and accurate.  When possible, all facts
 *  are checked, all code is compiled.  However, we are not omniscient (hell,
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 *  Lastly, it bears mentioning that the opinions that may be expressed in the
 *  articles of Phrack Magazine are intellectual property of their authors.
 *  These opinions do not necessarily represent those of the Phrack Staff.

|--------------------- T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S ---------------------|

0x01 Introduction                                     Phrack Staff      0x18 K
0x02 Phrack Loopback                                  Phrack Staff      0x64 K
0x03 Phrack Line Noise                                various           0x6c K
0x04 Phrack Prophile                                  Phrack Staff      0x1c K
0x05 Bypassing StackGuard and StackShield             Bulba and Kil3r   0x36 K
0x06 Project Area52                                   Jitsu-Disk...     0x50 K
0x07 Shared Library Redirection via ELF PLT Infection Silvio            0x32 K
0x08 Smashing C++ VPTRs                               rix               0x6c K
0x09 Backdooring binary objects                       klog              0x46 K
0x0a Things To Do in Cisco Land When You're Dead      gaius	        0x26 K
0x0b A Strict Anomaly Detection Model for IDS         sasha / beetle    0x28 K
0x0c Distributed Tools                                sasha / lifeline  0x3e K
0x0d Introduction to PAM                              Bryan Ericson     0x20 K
0x0e Exploiting Non-adjacent Memory Spaces            twitch            0x38 K
0x0f Writing MIPS/Irix shellcode                      scut              0x3a K
0x10 Phrack Magazine Extraction Utility               Phrack Staff      0x2a K

                                                      Total            0x3ba K


    "...IMHO it hasn't improved. Sure, some technical aspects of the magazine
     have improved, but it's mostly a dry technical journal these days.  The
     personality that used to characterize Phrack is pretty much non-existant,
     and the editorial style has shifted towards one of `I know more about
     buffer overflows than you` arrogance. Take a look at the Phrack Loopback
     responses during the first 10 years to the recent ones. A much higher
     percentage of responses are along the lines of `you're an idiot, we at
     Phrack Staff are much smarter than you.`..."

     - Trepidity <delirium4u@theoffspring.net> apparently still bitter at not
       being chosen as Mrs. Phrack 2000.

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