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.:: Introduction ::.

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Current issue : #66 | Release date : 2009-11-06 | Editor : The Circle of Lost Hackers
Phrack Prophile on The PaX TeamTCLH
Phrack World NewsTCLH
Abusing the Objective C runtimenemo
Backdooring Juniper FirewallsGraeme
Exploiting DLmalloc frees in 2009huku
Persistent BIOS infectionaLS and Alfredo
Exploiting UMA : FreeBSD kernel heap exploitsargp and karl
Exploiting TCP Persist Timer Infinitenessithilgore
Malloc Des-Maleficarumblackngel
A Real SMM RootkitCore Collapse
Alphanumeric RISC ARM ShellcodeYYounan and PPhilippaerts
Power cell buffer overflowBSDaemon
Binary Mangling with Radarepancake
Linux Kernel Heap Tampering DetectionLarry H
Developing MacOS X Kernel Rootkitsghalen and wowie
How close are they of hacking your braindahut
Title : Introduction
Author : TCLH
				==Phrack Inc.==

		Volume 0x0d, Issue 0x42, Phile #0x01 of 0x11

|=-------------------------=[ Introduction ]=---------------------------=|
|=------------------=[ By The Circle of Lost Hackers ]=-----------------=|

Let's imagine a man, sitting on the Moon and looking down to this
75%-water-25%-ground Planet. He doesn't know anything about us. Neither we
do about him, but that's another story, maybe another Intro.

He sees this Internet madness going on down there. He sits and watches.

"This is not different from your favourite bar", a guy behind our man says
in a smile.

Down there a bunch of bar tenders provides connections to everybody. They
earn their life out of that, so every so often they just scrappy down
their service. There's water in my drink, sir, and there's a strange rate
of packet loss on my P2P traffic.  There are a bunch of gangsters: they
want to control the business, they want to know who does what and they try
to shut down whoever is not okay with that. We have cleaned their faces,
put them on TV and we keep on calling them politicians. Good luck with
your laws, we'll find our way out, somehow. There are beautiful girls,
there are married couples, there are young guys, there are usual and
occasional customers. Everybody is down there, everybody has his own
chance to tell his story.  If you're getting to this bar for the first
time, you might spot some guys that are just different. You can't say why,
but there's something.  It doesn't matter if they are married, young, old,
musicians, workers, even bartenders, this is just the outside. There's
another life, behind that, it's now so-damn-clear that they're just trying
to keep a balance with it.

"You used to be one of them, didn't you ?"

Our man-on-the-moon asks, looking at the guy. But there's no need of an 
answer, he is just different. You can't say why, but there's something. 
Somebody once told me that Heaven is on the Moon.

"What's your name again ?"

[ I don't know in what you believe or even if you believe. In the end, it 
doesn't really matter. This is not a story about science or religion or 
humanity, this is a Good-Bye. To a friend.. ]

-----[ Phrack Issue #66

Welcome to Phrack, by the community, for the community. 

Its with an incredible pleasure that we present you our newly released
issue : 

		       Phrack Magazine #66

For this release, we are gracious to be interviewing the PaX
Team, whose work has made significant evolutionary and revolutionary
advances in security. This is a radical change from the Phrack Prophile
in issue #65 where the prophile was about the UNIX terrorist.

Some could easily detect in this shift a certain seek for identity from
the Phrack staff. As if the identity of Phrack had to be refined at all.

In the previous prophile, we had interviewed probably the most hated
"black hat" hacker, and in the current prophile, the most hated "white
hat" hacker.  Perceived as such. But the reality is more faded and every
hacker has this paradoxical identity where each side of the barrier
suddenly become very familiar to the other. And this is where the great
hacker shall remain.

Phrack keeps its identity. A magazine for all hackers, by all hackers.

The Hacker culture.

To the very firsts who don't believe in the virtue of the Underground, I

Kill the underground, you won't kill the Hacker culture.

We are mourning one of the best hackers of recent time today. His spirit
and contributions will remain part of the Hacker culture. We dedicate this
issue of Phrack to Cliph, who left us really too early this year. Cliph
did influence all kernel exploit writers in the last 5+ years with his
advances on exploiting the Linux kernel.

----------[ Phrack Issue #66 : what you were waiting for

We have the great pleasure to release today another excellent selection of
the best Hacking articles this year. An issue full of new exploitation
techniques and ground work on writing attack software.


 0x01 Introduction                                             TCLH
 0x02 Phrack Prophile on The PaX Team                          TCLH
 0x03 Phrack World News                                        TCLH
 0x04 Abusing the Objective C runtime                          Nemo
 0x05 Backdooring Juniper Firewalls		               Graeme
 0x06 Exploiting DLmalloc frees in 2009         	       Huku
 0x07 Persistent BIOS infection		                       .aLS & 
 0x08 Exploiting UMA : FreeBSD kernel heap exploits            Argp & Karl
 0x09 Exploiting TCP Persist Timer Infiniteness                Ithilgore
 0x0A Malloc Des-Maleficarum			               Blackngel
 0x0B A Real SMM Rootkit				       Core collapse
 0x0C Alphanumeric RISC ARM Shellcode                          Y.Younan & 
 0x0D Power cell buffer overflow			       BSDaemon
 0x0E Binary Mangling with Radare			       Pancake
 0x0F Linux Kernel Heap Tempering Detection		       Larry H.
 0x10 Developing MacOSX Rootkits			       Wowie & 
 0x11 How close are they of hacking your brain ?	       Dahut


This issue has some evil number.. with a lot of evil content. Phrack
proves once more how we can, every year, push the state of the art further
its known limits. Some of these exploits articles are really innovative
and we are proud to be able to release those contributions in our columns.
Some others bring their values on different architectures. So, check out
how to attack the Objective C runtime, the latest Linux heap allocator,
the FreeBSD kernel heap management system. A special paper is the one of
Black about explaining and giving more insights and code on the
groundbreaking work previously released as the Malloc Maleficarum
technique(s). Black did rework his article quite a lot since the first
version he did, and we were impressed by the evolution.  This will
certainly help the younger audience to persevere in the realm of heap
overflow exploitation in the most recent restrictive heap management
implementations on Linux. We also have articles on alphanumeric ARM
shellcode (long standing work) and exploiting the PowerCell architecture.
Thats indeed a lot of exploitation.

Beside exploit writing, we propose to you a couple of rootkits papers.
Graeme shared his experience on backdooring Jupiner firewalls : check out
the article for all details. Our friends from Argentina finished their
stub just before the release and we could integrate their very first
article about persistent BIOS infection. Other advances at the lowest
level are also presented by the article of Core collapse, where he
demonstrates how to make use of the System Management Mode interrupts in a
real SMM rootkit. For more intermediate hackers of the OsX world, a nice
state of the art article on OsX backdoors are given is the end of the
issue, as an easy read. Its always good to have this kind of code ready to
be used when you need it.

Finally, as it always happen in Phrack, we have those articles that don't
match with the others. This is the case of our single reverse engineering
article in this issue, presenting the RADARE framework. RADARE is really
an interesting tool, and some of its features are better explained with a
tutorial like this one. Check out the RADARE website for a more complete
documentation and to grab the latest code. Pancake and the RADARE team are
always committing new stuffs in there and the list of supported features
is impressive, and the scripting language really flexible and expressive
for low level operations on binary files.

Another special article is the one of Ithilgore about exploiting weakness
in the TCP protocol. This is a great article, an innovative work we would
like to see more often proposed for publication in Phrack. We still don't
realize entirely how far Phrack is breaking through by providing all those
technical details about the most alternative techniques.

We were previously talking of PaX and evolutionary changes, we have an
article discussing kernel heap security, and how it can be made more
resistant to attack.  It has been rare to find mitigation articles in
Phrack, but its not the first time this has happen, nor will it be the
last. Sometimes, mitigation articles also contains some useful information
for the exploit writer.  Sometimes, offensive articles also contains some
useful information for defense purposes.

Finish up your mind by reading the paper on Hacking your Brain, a 
refreshing cyberpunk inspired work by Dahut.

In the hope that your neural plugs were not wired in vain.

  - The Phrack staff

--------[ Greets for issue #66

We'd like to thank (in no particular order):

  - PaX team		- karl			- pancake
  - Graeme		- Ithilgore		- Larry H.
  - nemo		- blackngel		- Wowie
  - Huku		- core collapse		- Ghalen
  - .aLS		- Y.Younan		- Dahut
  - Alfredo		- P.Philippaerts
  - argp		- BSDaemon

for their contributions. Without them, this issue would not be as good as 
it is.

If you see something that you would like covered, but is not / has not
been recently, do some research and send us an article. Have you came
up with a better mouse trap? Share it with the world. Phrack lives via
the contributions made by the community.

Hasta luego, Phrack para siempre.


Nothing may be reproduced in whole or in part without the prior written
permission from the editors. Phrack Magazine is made available to the
public, as often as possible, free of charge.

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Commentary        : loopback[@]phrack{dot}org
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--------[ EOF
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