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Current issue : #18 | Release date : 1988-07-06 | Editor : Crimson Death
Index of Phrack 18Crimson Death
Pro-Phile XI on Ax MurdererCrimson Death
An Introduction to Packet Switched NetworksEpsilon
Primos: Primenet, RJE, DPTXMagic Hasan
Hacking CDC's CyberPhrozen Ghost
Unix for the ModerateUrvile
Unix System Security IssuesJester Sluggo
Loop Maintenance Operating SystemControl C
A Few Things About NetworksPrime Suspect
Phrack World News XVIII Part IEpsilon
Phrack World News XVIII Part IIEpsilon
Title : Phrack World News XVIII Part I
Author : Epsilon
                               ==Phrack Inc.==

                    Volume Two, Issue 18, Phile #10 of 11

             PWN                                             PWN
             PWN      >>>>>=-* Phrack World News *-=<<<<<    PWN
             PWN                Issue XVIII/1                PWN
             PWN                                             PWN
             PWN       Created, Compiled, and Written        PWN
             PWN                 By: Epsilon                 PWN
             PWN                                             PWN


Welcome to yet another issue of Phrack World News.  We have once again
returned to try and bring you an entertaining, and informative newsletter
dedicated to the spread of information and knowledge throughout the H/P

TOK Re-Formed

A group called Tribunal Of Knowledge, which has undergone previous
re-formations has once again re-formed.  The person who is currently "in
charge" of the group says that he had permission from High Evolutionary, the
group's founder, to re-form the organization.  Although the group hasn't
publicly announced their existence or written any files, we should be hearing
from them in the near future.

The Current Members of TOK Include -

         Control C
         Prime Suspect
         Jack Death
         The UrVile
         The Prophet
         Psychic Warlord

             Information Provided By Control C, and Prime Suspect.

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on the more popular boards around.  These sponsor accounts are set up, so that
the users may get in touch with the Phrack Magazine staff if they would like
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take note of the boards on which Phrack Inc. accounts are set up.  Thank you.

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         The Forgotten Realm - 618/943-2399 *

         * - Phrack Headquarters

SummerCon '88 Preliminary Planning

Planning for SummerCon '88 is underway.  So far, we have decided on four
tentative locations:  New York City, Saint Louis, Atlanta, or Florida.  Since
this is only tentative, no dates have been set or reservations made for a

If you have any comments, suggestions, etc, please let us know.  If you are
planning to attend SummerCon '88, please let us know as well.  Thank you.

                 Information Provided By The Forgotten Realm.

LOD/H Technical Journal

Lex Luthor of LOD/H (Legion of Doom/Hackers) has been busy with school, etc.,
so he has not had the time, nor the initiative to release the next issue of
the LOD/H Technical Journal.  On this note, he has tentatively turned the
Journal over to Phantom Phreaker, who will probably be taking all
contributions for the Journal.  No additional information is available.

           Information Provided By The UrVile and Phantom Phreaker.

Congress To Restrict 976/900 Dial-A-Porn Services

Congress is considering proposals to restrict dial-up services in an effort to
make it difficult for minors to access sexually explicit messages.  A
House-Senate committee is currently negotiating the "dial-a-porn" proposal.
Lawmakers disagree whether or not the proposal is constitutional and are
debating the issue of requiring phone companies to offer a service that would
allow parents, free of charge, to block the 976/900 services.  Other proposals
would require customers to pay in advance or use credit cards to access the
976/900 services.

Some companies are currently offering free services that restrict minors from
accessing sexually explicit messages.  AT&T and Department of Justice
officials are cooperating in a nationwide crackdown of "dial-a-porn" telephone
companies.  The FCC recently brought charges against one of AT&T's largest 900
Service customers, and AT&T provided the confidential information necessary in
the prosecution.  AT&T also agreed to suspend or disconnect services of
companies violating the commission ban by transmitting obscene or indecent
messages to minors.

Some Hope Left For Victims Of FGD

US Sprint's famed FGD (Feature Group D) dial-ups and 800 INWATS exchanges may
pose no threat to individuals under switches that do not yet offer equal
access service to alternate long distance carriers.  Due to the way Feature
Group D routes its information, the ten-digit originating number of the caller
is not provided when the call is placed from a non-equal access area.  The
following was taken from an explanation of US Sprint's 800 INWATS Service.


                                 CALL DETAIL


With US Sprint 800 Service, a customer will receive call detail information
for every call on every invoice.  The call detail for each call includes:

         o  Date of call
         o  Time of call
         o  The originating city and state
         o  The ten-digit number of the caller if the call originates in an
            equal access area or the NPA of the caller if the non-equal access
         o  Band into which the call falls
         o  Duration of the call in minutes
         o  Cost of the call

This came directly from US Sprint.  Do as you choose, but don't depend on

                      Information Provided by US Sprint.

Telenet Bolsters Network With Encryption

Telenet Communications Corporation strengthened its public data network
recently with the introduction of data encryption capability.

The X.25 Encryption Service provides a type of data security previously
unavailable on any public data network, according to analysts.  For Telenet,
the purpose of the offering is "to be more competitive; nobody else does
this," according to Belden Menkus, an independent network security consultant
based in Middleville, NJ.

The service is aimed at users transmitting proprietary information between
host computers, such as insurance or fund-transfer applications.  It is priced
at $200 per month per host computer connection.  Both the confidentiality and
integrity of the data can be protected via encryption.

The scheme provides end-to-end data encryption, an alternative method whereby
data is decrypted and recrypted at each node in the network.  "This is a
recognition that end-to-end encryption is really preferable to link
encryption," Menkus said.

The service is available over both dial-up and leased lines, and it supports
both synchronous and asynchronous traffic at speeds up to 9.6K BPS.

Telenet has approved one particular data encryption device for use with the
service, The Cipher X 5000, from Technical Communications Corporation (TCC), a
Concord, Massachusetts based vendor.  TCC "has been around the data encryption
business for quite a while," Menkus said.

The Cipher X implements the National Bureau of Standards' Data Encryption
Standard (DES).  DES is an algorithm manipulated by a secret 56 bit key.
Computers protected with the device can only be accessed by users with a
matching key.

The data encryptor is installed at user sites between the host computer and
the PAD (Packet Assembler/Disassembler).

Installation of the TCC device does not affect the user's ability to send
non-encrypted data, according to Telenet.  By maintaining a table of network
addresses that require encryption, the device decides whether or not to
encrypt each transmission.

                    Information Provided by Network World.
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