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Current issue : #5 | Release date : 1986-04-18 | Editor : Taran King
Phrack V IntroTaran King
Phrack Pro-Phile of Broadway HackerTaran King
Hacking Dec'sCarrier Culprit
Hand to Hand CombatBad Boy in Black
DMS-100Knight Lightning
Bolt BombsThe Leftist
Wide Area Networks Part 1Jester Sluggo
Radio HackingThe Seker
Mobile Telephone CommunicationsPhantom Phreaker
Phrack World News Issue 4 Part 1Knight Lightning
Phrack World News Issue 4 Part 2Knight Lightning
Phrack World News Issue 4 Part 3Knight Lightning
Title : Phrack World News Issue 4 Part 2
Author : Knight Lightning
                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                    Volume One, Issue Five, Phile #11 of 12

Metal Shop PRIVATE\\\  Phrack World News Issue 4 Part 2  ///_  _       _______
Metal Shop AE      \\\                                  ///| \/ |     / _____/
Metal Shop Brewery  \\\           Compiled by          /// |_||_|etal/ /hop
                     \\\                              ///  _________/ /
Present PWN IV        \\\///\\ Knight Lightning //\\\///  /__________/
--------------               \-^^^^^^-^^^^^^^^^-/             Triad

More Computel                                             Sunday March 29, 1986
-------------                                             ---------------------
The following post was seen on Stronghold East Elite on the above date,
concerning Computel.  I am reprinting it in Phrack for the sole purpose to
spread this important news and to help 2600 Magazine get to the bottom of this
mess, and to help everyone get their money back.
    PLEASE tell us whatever you know about Computel, even if it doesn't seem
important.  We are charging full speed ahead with our investigation and we've
already uncovered some wild things but we can't reveal what we have until we're
finished. We also need info on that old magazine called Tel from the 70's.

Yes, we did determine that there was a connection between the two but that's
all we can say right now.  Any info or even back copies would help. We need
people to actually complain about losing money.  So far that's been the hardest
thing to do.  Phone phreaks as a rule don't seem to want to put their name on
anything, but if you've lost money, this is the only way we can get it back for
you and at the same time, stop this operation.

We need people who live near or in Van Nuys, California. We need those of you
with special access to credit information or phone information to get in touch
with us. PLEASE DON'T DELAY!  Send us E-mail or call (516) 751-2600.

                      Information posted by 2600 Magazine
Editor's Note: Thomas Covenant added that he had heard that Computel is
               unregistered and plans on staying that way.  Thus the Better
               Business Bureau can do nothing.

Dr. Who in Trouble                                       Tuesday March 31, 1986
The following is Lex Luthor's interpretation and information on the Dr. Who
story.  He also discusses Twilight Zone and Catch 22.  It was posted in several
places (most notably Stronghold East Elite) and was confirmed in interview with
Lex Luthor by Knight Lightning on April 4, 1986.
The Twilight Zone will be back up in 1-2 weeks. Those who Marauder wants on
will be contacted with all the new logon info, along with a number to reach it
at.  He has been doing some mods to the software so the board has been down.
Silver Spy, Sysop of Catch-22 has had some phone problems and as soon as the
phone company fixes it he will have it back up. Both boards did go down for a
few days after the Doctor Who bust, but after we found out why he was busted,
the boards went back up.

The Secret Service came to Who's house and took everything, he was not home at
the time, but after 1-2 days, they finally got around to questioning him. As
you know, the Secret Service has been doing a lot of credit card
investigations. Initially Pit Fiend of CA was busted for carding (Editor's
Note: See last issue's quick notes as to Pit Fiend) and at the time he was
speaking w/Who from time to time, thus some believe Who's bust was a result of
P.F. leaking info to the S.S.

LOD/H was not shaken up too much from Who's bust mainly because it was not
Phreak/Hack related, merely credit related which LOD/H is not involved in. Who
did not card anything, but we believe the S.S.'s motive for busting him was use
of TRW. Incidentally, Who had a DNR on his line for 7 months some say it was
for over a year, but either way, its a hell of a long time! That's about it,
anyone need specific details, or heard anything otherwise let me know.


                      Information provided by Lex Luthor

(Editor's Note: Lex Luthor also mentioned that Dr. Who is being sued by AllNet)

2300 Club Members Busted                                              Cleveland
------------------------                                              ---------
Two have been caught for fraudulent use of a credit card and one has been
arrested for car theft.

The 2300 Club is now being compared and treated as a miniature mafia by local
authorities.  This is mainly for other crimes including the blowing up of cars.
King Blotto was, at one time at least, a member of this group.  There is
absolutely NO information regarding King Blotto as being busted or as still
being a member of the 2300 Club.

New Phreak/Hack Group                                             April, 6 1986
The Dark Creaper (916), Brew Associates (215), Major Havoc (301), and one other
whose handle is unknown to me at the current time are forming a new phreak/hack
group.  Its name is "The IBM Syndicate".  They are currently looking for
members to join.  Their bulletin boards, which are currently more or less
public, will very soon be going private, thus making it harder to become a
member.  Eventually the group will have 2 bbses and 2 AEs.  Mainly for the
exchange of files and IBM kracked wares.  All of these bbses will be run on of
course IBM, and I assume that having an IBM is a requirement to become a

  Information provided by Dark Creaper through interview by Knight Lightning

Oryan Quest Busted/415 Gets Hit Again                             April 6, 1986
On Wednesday, April 2nd 1986, Oryan Quest was arrested on charges of computer
invasion.  Technically they only had him on one charge but later evidence
accounted for the other two.

Oryan Quest was "busted" for hacking AT&T Mail, which is roughly similar to MCI
Mail. He had three different accounts, but the San Mateo Police and FBI only
had suspicion of one.  When they searched his home they found two more written

The charges against Oryan Quest were dropped for several reasons:

1. Illegal Search (they didn't have a warrant)
2. Police Brutality and Harassment (pushed him around and slammed his head into
   a car)

The authorities searched his house while Oryan Quest was at school, which is
where they later arrested him.

What was taken includes the following:

Loads of computer disks
All printouts (his entire g-phile library)
10 Meg drive
Assorted Boxes (Blue, Red, Green, Silver)

His passwords, bbs numbers, codes, etc were undiscovered. (He believes)

No court date had been set as of yet, and it is believed that the prosecuting
attorney will drop the case due to the earlier illegal proceedings by the SMPD.

Prior to his arrest the SMPD had been monitoring his line and had found that he
was scanning prefixes.  This is however is inadmissible in a court of law
because at the time that they were monitoring his line there was not sufficient
evidence for such action.

AT&T Mail was accessible through an 800 number, which Oryan Quest did call

Some words from Oryan
"I have no intention of quitting hacking."

"My mistake was calling an 800 number direct and for fucking around with AT&T
in the first place."

"I am more of a hacker than a phreak."

(Editor's note: When asked how he felt about what was happening he replied,
"I'm not worried about it.")
Some other interesting facts about Oryan was that he held a part time job as a
PacTel Operator.  He, being 15 years old, had lied about his age (saying he was
16), but now has been fired.

Also SRI has given him a job offer for computer security.  He is thinking about
it but doesn't plan on accepting it.

   Information provided by Oryan Quest through interview by Knight Lightning

Overlord 815 Arrested For Check Fraud
                   "The only reason I got caught was greed."

That was the Overlord (815)'s first statement to me during an interview on
April 6, 1986.  He says that originally, a long time ago, he concentrated on
Western Union, but then later turned to credit card fraud.  As he progressed,
he learned that credit card fraud only worked about 5% of the time.  He wanted
something that worked 100% of the time.  He found it...check fraud.

In his home town he acquired around $4,000 worth of equipment from 3 stores.
Some of the merchandise consisted of an Apple //e (with every card possible,
the best drives, monitors, etc...), a complete Commodore 128 system, and ten
packs of disks for good measure. His downfall was going back to one of the same
stores the next day to try it again.

He was instantly caught and tricked by the police to reveal more than he would
have if he had really known his rights.

Check fraud is a felony crime.  Although I myself am uninformed as to how to
perform the art of check fraud, it must require a phone because Overlord (815)
informs me that the police have labeled his crime as Telefelony.  The actual
charge however is for "theft by deception".

His home was not searched and he has given all the merchandise back.

He had told me that he plans to stop running his bulletin board Spectre III and
sell his computer.  This is mainly so he cannot be referred to as a computer
hacker.  IE: The prosecuting lawyer would ask, "Do you have a computer?!" He
can truthfully say NO.

He plans to have the bbs run from the home of The Master (815) and the number
would stay the same.

Another account of this story by TWCB Inc, says that Overlord has changed his
mind and is not selling his computer or taking down Spectre III.

The court date is set at April 9, 1986, Overlord (815) says that the worst that
can happen is probation, a fine, civil service work, or any combination of the

 Information provided by Overlord (815) during interview with Knight Lightning

TAP: Latest News From TWCB                                        April 8, 1986
Well, as many of you may have noticed, TWCB Inc. did not fulfill their promise
of having TAP Magazine out by April 7, 1986.  When asked about this on that
date, they replied that they had all the stuff, but it had to be typeset,
formatted, printed, and distributed.  They estimated that they could have it
done in another four days.  This secondary deadline was also not achieved.

The writers (according to TWCB) include:

    Abbie Hoffman/Ace/Final Impulse/Gary Seven/Knight Lightning/Mark Tabas/
Taran King/Susan Thunder/The Bootleg/The Cracker/The Firelord/The Metallian/TUC

The magazines supporting TAP include:

        Mad Mad Magazine/High Times/Bootlegger Magazine/Hacker Magazine

Scan Man dropped himself from the TAP Staff.

By issue #6, TWCB plans to have a 112 page magazine.  This is due to the fact
that by then they plan to be receiving many more articles and will have several
more companies advertising.

The first issue of TAP Magazine will have articles on the following topics:

ISDN: Parts by Taran King and The Bootleg
Fiber Optics
Cellular Phones
Satellite Jamming
Moving Satellites
The Teltec Bust: Surfer Bill/The Firelord/TWCB Inc/Knight Lightning
Dr. Who Bust
History of TAP
RSTS 8.0
Signalling Systems: Taken from Phrack Inc. Newsletter
Introduction to PBXs: by Knight Lightning, taken from Phrack Inc. Newsletter
ROLM: By Monty Python, taken from Phrack Inc. Newsletter
MCI Overview: by Knight Lightning, taken from Phrack Inc. Newsletter
New BBS Laws: by Sally Ride, taken from Bootlegger Magazine
Cosmos: by Lex Luthor and the Legion of Hackers, taken from Bootlegger Magazine
Private Audience: by Final Impulse, taken from Phrack Inc. Newsletter
UNIX: by The Cracker
MAX Profile: by Phantom Phreaker, taken from Phrack Inc. Newsletter
Crashing Dec 10s: by The Mentor, taken from Phrack Inc. Newsletter
Pak Time: by Kerrang Khan
Techniques of Tracing
ESS: by Mark Tabas

   Information provided by TWCB Inc. during interview with Knight Lightning

Quick Notes
On March 23, 1986, The Radio Station BBS in New York celebrated its one year
anniversary.  It now has one meg of storage online.
The rumor that Taran King was on a talk/news program in New York discussing
hacking is completely wrong.  Dead Lord started it, but as yet no one knows
The Tempest in 805 was burglarized in March.  His computer and all other
equipment among other things were stolen.  This of course explains his absence
from the bbs world for a while.
A reasonably new IBM kracking group, which was formally the Imperial Warlords,
now known as Five-O, are re-kracking software and claiming it to be original by
themselves. Futhermore they are placing insulting messages inside the software
towards certain individuals.
The Kidd of 408 got busted for busted for selling codes at his school for five
dollars a piece.  There was no particular company mentioned.
Video Stalker (408) carded some stuff to the home of Sinbad!  Sinbad! told him
that he would sign for the stuff, and when he did, he was arrested.  No more
details available.
The Tunnel, one of Austin, Texas's oldest phreak/hack boards, has come out of
the closet.  The Tunnel was revealed on the local news to be run by the
computer crime division of the Austin Police Department. The two main goals of
the board were to A) catch carders and B) catch Mentor and Cisban Evil Priest
trying to sell those stolen computers.  They were very successful at A.
Stronghold East elite has announced its new advisors.  Hack Advisor: Lex Luthor
Phreak Advisor: Blue Buccaneer.  The soon plan to have a name change due to the
fact that Apple Commander of Stronghold North insists they the two boards are
affiliated while Slave Driver and Equalizer of Stronghold East feel
differently.  With instruction from Lex Luthor, SEE has enacted new security
Thanx to 2600 Magazine, Stronghold East Elite now has the complete court
transcripts of the bust that took place early last summer, most notably
concerning Private Sector and 6 others, online for viewing.
Sigmund Fraud has been discharged as co-sysop of the Radio Station bbs.
Captain Crunch of 512 has stated that an auto-dial program that he wrote and
uploaded was copied by TWCB Inc., who then claimed it as their own and signed
their name in it.

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