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Current issue : #5 | Release date : 1986-04-18 | Editor : Taran King
Phrack V IntroTaran King
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Phrack World News Issue 4 Part 1Knight Lightning
Phrack World News Issue 4 Part 2Knight Lightning
Phrack World News Issue 4 Part 3Knight Lightning
Title : Phrack World News Issue 4 Part 3
Author : Knight Lightning
                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                    Volume One, Issue Five, Phile #12 of 12

Metal Shop PRIVATE\\\  Phrack World News Issue 4 Part 3  ///_  _       _______
Metal Shop AE      \\\                                  ///| \/ |     / _____/
Metal Shop Brewery  \\\           Compiled by          /// |_||_|etal/ /hop
                     \\\                              ///  _________/ /
Present PWN IV        \\\///\\ Knight Lightning //\\\///  /__________/
--------------               \-^^^^^^-^^^^^^^^^-/             Triad

             Demise of Phreakdom in Florida:  The Story of Teltec

                  Interview with Surfer Bill by The Firelord

                          Written by Knight Lightning
Firelord (FL):  Bill, I wanted to ask you some stuff on that bust you were
                telling me about.

Surfer Bill (SB):  Yeah, whatta ya want to know?

FL: Who the hell got busted?

SB: Well, you wanna know who knows a hell of a lot more than me is Jack Flack.
    He has the subpoena, it's about 40 pages, it lists every single one of
    their names, and all the charges word for word, it's incredible.

FL: Jack Flack isn't accepting phone calls, it's probably not a very good idea.

SB: Teltec is based in Miami, they got really pissed off that everyone was
    abusing their services.  I mean using their codes and things like that.
    These people aren't stupid. I mean they know if you've got a sequential
    hacker on.  They know because what happens is that their computer registers
    every single bad code.  So If they see 20000, 20001, 20002, and keeps on
    going registering as bad codes and all of the sudden 20011 doesn't
    register, but 20012 does then they know that 20011 is a good code.  What
    they will do is monitor this code and watch it for abnormal usage. They
    will be sitting there saying, 'Hey this code has been getting a lot of use
    in the past few days.'  Then they will put a tracer on, trace the person,
    tap the line, and start amassing information about the line owner. It is
    like putting a noose around your own neck!

    Basically what I heard is happening down here is that, I believe, there are
    five bulletin board systems in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Boca Raton area
    that they are after.

    Caeser's Palace (Sysoped by Caeser D, Whose real name is John Kessler)
    Parasec  (Sysoped by Mark Barochich {sic})
    Apple Tree, not Apple Tree I or Apple-Tree II, it was the Apple Tree Phreak
                BBS, that one everyone now knows as the Catfur.
    And Plovernet (305).

FL: Didn't you say that Teltec planted agents on all these boards?

SB: Yeah, that's what I was getting to.  I don't know for a fact or anything
    but, what I hear is that Teltec employees posed as undercover hackers or
    phreakers and got on to the above listed boards.  They had handles and
    infiltrated the system, having everyone believe that they were phreakers.
    Cause what they did was, well obviously they knew what they were talking
    about after all they worked for the company.  They posted really educated
    information.  From there I believe they actually posted some Teltec codes.
    There again, some of this is rumor, some of this is fact, I really couldn't
    tell you which was which.

FL: Well who all was busted?

SB: Jack Flack, Caeser D (John Kessler), Demetrius Cross, Dave Peters, several
    others of course.  One whole family got busted, the father, the son, and
    the daughter.  There is a list of thirty-eight people, their actual names
    were published in the Miami Review, which is a lawyer newspaper that goes
    to all the lawyers and judges in the Miami area.  Another interesting thing
    is that the list mentioned a John Doe and a Jane Doe. There was a clause
    that said these two people are to be named at a later date, so who knows
    who that could be or even it was more than one person.

FL: You say Lex Luthor escaped?

SB: Yes he did.

FL: They were gonna snag him, but he escaped to California.

SB: I don't know exactly if they had him or whether they were gonna bust him or
    not but I know he was not mentioned.

FL: Maybe he was one of the John or Jane Doe people.

SB: Most of the stuff that I know is basically public information so I don't
    know anything about that John and Jane Doe stuff.

SB: An important point is that the Teltec agents posted some codes and then
    monitored those codes.  I believe they cannot bust you for using those
    numbers because that's a form of entrapment.  Instead what they'll do is
    monitor the calls, trace the calls, and then they will know who they are
    dealing with.

FL: They'll hook up a dialed number recorder (DNR) on the line.

SB: Well what this whole deal is doing is sorta pointing a finger of blame.
    Both people are wrong, Teltec is wrong in using entrapment to try and catch
    you, and you are wrong for using their codes to phreak.  So what they do is
    keep an eye on you.  So then they say "ah ha" this guy, John Doe over here
    is using this code.  We know he has been abusing our system and now we are
    gonna keep an eye on him.  So when this code goes dead, we're gonna watch
    and see if he uses any different ones and if he does, we'll bust him.

    The main thing that's gonna come out of this court case is that they are
    gonna go after the the 5 people that were the system operators of the
    bbses. They're not really after the average user, what I think is happening
    is that the average users are going to be used as witnesses against the
    system operators.

    The scary part about this case is that it is really pretty big because, it
    may set a precedent.  If the judge rules in favor of Teltec and then Teltec
    presses charges, the subpoena says that there is a minimal of $5000 damage,
    and that's what they're seeking.  So its gotta be well over $5000 damages.
    I tell you one thing, from the amount of money and information Teltec has
    put into this they are really determined to press charges.  They invested a
    lot of money as far as lawyers and investigators.  Another scary part of
    this story is that Teltec has not made the evidence that they have against
    the thirty-eight people public, as far as I know, and that's what everyone
    is afraid of.  The average user doesn't know what he is up against.

FL: I bet the majority of the people on those boards are scared shitless now.

SB: Oh yeah, everybody is, its like the whole city of Miami is.  Also I hear
    that Sprint and MCI will be cracking down in the future.  They are most
    likely waiting to see how this case goes.

FL: Is Teltec the major service down there that everybody uses?

SB: Not really, it's one of many.  The popular one these days is MCI cause it
    only has those 5 digit codes.

FL: I heard Teltec gave shitty connections.

SB: Yeah, that's funny because, I was talking to Jack Flack, and I said if you
    wanna crack up the people in the courtroom and you know that they are
    definitely gonna bust you, and that you're guilty beyond a shadow of a
    doubt, make a joke if they ask you what you know about Teltec say, "Alls I
    know about Teltec is that their connections to California are really
    shitty!"  I don't know if they'd be too happy about hearing that one!

FL: So they are really gonna take care of this aren't they?

SB: Yeah but Teltec's main goal is to really get the system operators. You
    should read this subpoena here, it talks about the system operators.
    It says that the sysops "organized, financed, directed, and oversaw the
    illicit posting and trading of Teltec codes"  "They failed to delete the
    messages containing illegal information."  You see so the sysops are guilty
    cause they didn't delete the messages.

FL: The thing that could've solved all this is if people used random hackers
    and random destination numbers, like MegaPhreak.

SB: Another point is that even though you may be using a random hacker, most
    people aren't gonna be using the system at 3 a.m. to 4 a.m.  The best time
    to scan is during normal business hours.

FL: That's true, after all you don't need 10,000 codes.

SB: Well anyway, I think that they are really after the system operators.  And
    if Teltec wins this case it will set a precedent.  If all that happens then
    I expect that we are gonna see a lot more of these cases popping up all
    around the country.
Editor's notes: There is some talk about there actually being 6 boards being
                busted and not just 5.  Also the reference that Lex Luthor had
                any involvement or close calls with Teltec is only rumor.
                Other reports from 305ers who wish to remain un-named state
                that MCI has indeed stepped up its war on phreakers and
                hackers.  Sysops, I really hope you watch who you let on.

                Remember, a filter or fee for a bbs can easily be handled by
                agents or investigators.  The best way to check on people is
                through references.

                TWCB was also online during this interview, but as they gave
                little or no input to the actual content of this file all
                remarks from TWCB have been screened as they were worthless.

                The original interview was done on a conference and recorded on
                cassette tape which was delivered to me.  After which I wrote
                this file.  This file was given permission to be printed in
                Phrack World News by The Firelord of 307 NPA.

- Knight Lightning

Telephone Testimony                                                  March 1986
Chairman Bill McGowan made a point to the House Subcommittee on
Telecommunications.  In testimony before the recently reconvened hearings on
telephone industry competition, McGowan spoke against the "diversification
frenzy" of the Bell Operating Companies (BOCs).  He told the congressional
subcommittee that the industry is still in the transition to full competition
and cautioned against replacing a regulated monopoly with seven unregulated
             Information taken out of MCI World, March 1986 Issue

Kaptain Krash Busted
Kaptain Krash was caught stealing American Telephone & Telegraph's (AT&T)
Teleconferencing time through an 800 PBX posted on P-80.  He has been isolated
from other members of the underground by his parents.
Note from Forest Ranger:

                            Information Provided By
                 F.R. Communications Newsline Service (c) 1986

Metal Shop Private Cleans House
On April 13, 1986, Taran King and Knight Lightning repurged the userlog
deleting over 100 users from Metal Shop Private.  This was mainly because of
non-callers clogging up the log and to make sure there would be no extra
accounts to lessen the security of the bbs.

People wishing to become members of Metal Shop Private, should contact Taran
King or Knight Lightning via email.  They then would be discussed with the
Metal Shop Staff etc.


Dan Pasquale Seeks New Entertainment
This message is mainly for bbs sysops.  Have you been receiving more calls from
people in the 415 NPA?  In conversation with Dan Pasquale (See Phoenix
Phortress Article in PWN III) High Evolutionary was told that Dan plans to try
his hand at out of state bbses..."for fun."  Let it be remembered that Dan
Pasquale ran Phoenix Phortress BBS and as such saw posts for other phreak and
hack bbses.  Furthermore, as a bad habit, several bbsers seem to use the same
passwords in more than one place.  Therefore it is a possibility that Dan could
log on to bbses as someone else.

                         "The Radio Station Incident"

Oryan Quest had asked Broadway Hacker to remove him from the userlog for RS's
own security.  However BH decided not to do it at that time.  Roughly a week
later, someone using Oryan Quest's password logged onto the Radio Station BBS.
This person was completely computer illiterate.  Example: He typed "HELP"
instead of "?" for a menu.  When Broadway Hacker broke onto chat mode this
Oryan Quest dropped carrier.

Please note: Although the police had to drop charges on Oryan Quest because of
an illegal search this does not mean that the police couldn't have found his

Broadway also mentioned a rash of new users applying from 415 NPA.

                                Sysops beware.

                         Some Information Provided By
                 Broadway Hacker/High Evolutionary/Oryan Quest

Maxfield Speaks
In a Detroit newspaper, John Maxfield was interviewed by a reporter.  Although
I do not have the article or all the facts pertaining to it, it is known that
the names mentioned include: Phantom Phreaker, High Evolutionary, Scan Man,
Music Major, The Bootleg, and Slave Driver.

It is believed that Maxfield had acquired these names from P-80.  However this
is pure speculation.

                    Information Provided By Various Sources

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