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Current issue : #67 | Release date : 2010-11-17 | Editor : The Phrack Staff
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Title : Phrack Prophile on Punk
Author : The Phrack Staff
                             ==Phrack Inc.==

                 Volume 0x0e, Issue 0x43, Phile #0x02 of 0x10

|=------------------------=[ PHRACK PROPHILE ON ]=----------------------=|
|=------------------------=[  punk@phrack.org  ]=-----------------------=|

|=---=[ Specifications

           Handle: punk 
              AKA: ihaq
    Handle origin: Feelin' lucky, punk?
      Produced in: Probably the missionary position.
             Urlz: HTTP://WWW.EROWID.ORG
        Computers: Intel p75, Intel P4, iMac 20", MacBook Pro 15.4"
       Creator of: Amnesia - The nightmare you forget exists
        Member of: The SYNDICATE, 2l8, Project CASSOULET, formerly Ac1dB1tch3z 
         Admin of: *.com, The LAB
         Projects: Amnesia - portable FreeBSD rootkit
                   Projekt Mayhem - like everyone else with a cool hat
		   Project CASSOULET!@#
            Codez: Amnesia - The most portable kernel module backdoor ever?
		   Opium - Attempt at a functional & portable solaris kit.
		   xlib.c - Xlib ENV overflow exploit from back in the day
		   with grsux bypass. 
		   vtesto - Full in-memory backdooring & intrusion.
		   omelette.c - Old eggdrop asynchronous DNS overflow.
     Active since: 1997
   Inactive since: Whenever the drugs kill me.

|=---=[ Favorites

          Actors: John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Johnny Depp, Riley
                  Evans, Lexi Belle, Sash Grey, Eva Angelina.
           Films: Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
         Authors: Albert Hofmann
        Articles: p49-14, p53-5, p55-8, p55-12, p56-5, p60-7, p60-10, p66-8
		  p56-14, p57-8, p57-9, p58-4, p58-7, p58-8, p59-7, p61-6
        Meetings: I don't go to AA nor NA 
             Sex: Wild and dirty
           Books: LSD: My problem Child, PIHKAL, TIHKAL
           Novel: Your browser cache
         Meeting: Rita Marley
           Music: Jesselyn, Marcel Woods, Mark Knopfler, Pink Floyd, Bush,
                  Motorpsycho, Mudvayne, Tiesto, Johan Gielen, Jefferson 
                  Airplane, Leftfield, The Prodigy, Infected Mushroom.
         Alcohol: Anything > 21 years and beer. Also, red wine as it turns
                  innocent girls into sluts
            Cars: Bugatti veyron
           Girls: Should look and act like pornstars
           Foods: As long as it doesn't bleed
          I like: Hacking, drugs, sex and lulz
       I dislike: Whitehat faggots

|=---=[ Your current life in a paragraph

                Crazy. Always hacking, always traveling. Living like a
        vampire on meth. The amount of drugs in my bloodstream is the envy
        of every pharmacy on earth. Still trying new things, hungry for 
        knowledge. Living on the edge is the only way to live.

|=---=[ First contact with computers

                A mysterious black box appared in my parents house as a
	kid, shiny Intel p75, with a whopping 16MB of ram + A monster 
	850MB disk. Much to my dismay, it and the dialup connection it 
	had were both password protected. Now look what happened...  

|=---=[ Passions : What makes you tick

                The puzzle of how to ruin your life with computers. The
	race against the admins. The art of exploitation, the thrill 
	of the hunt. That said, nothing beats ruining someones life with 
	their own computers.

|=---=[ Entrance in the underground

                As so many hackers before me, it was in the dark ages of 
        EFnet, before chanfux and while some opers actually weren't flaming
        homosexuals. I stepped out of the shadows with 2l8.txt after many 
        years of largely ignoring the scene. route still "had time to
	manage that place".

        I joined Ac1dB1tch3z and never looked back.

|=---=[ Unix or Windows? 

		UNIX. I would rather have my balls dragged out thru my ass
	and stuffed in my fucking mouth rather than being stuck with 
	something that is designed to break, not to mention spy on you. I
	am probably always will be a FreeBSD guy. There simply is no 
	matching the power and agility of FreeBSD.

	As far as laptop/desktop OS is concerned I like OSX with it's
	FreeBSD core. It's not perfect, but it works, and looks pretty too.

|=---=[ Which research have you done or which one gave you the most fun?

                Learning to know the FreeBSD kernel like it was my
        girlfriend's pussy. For most of you this would be your mom's vagina
        or your dad's meat pole.

|=---=[ Personal general opinion about the underground

                The truly dark underground is awesome.
        The whitehat crowd who think they are underground make me sad.
        Do us all a favour and commit hara-kiri, whitehat maggots.
	I am truly impressed with the level of skill within the blackhat
	underground. The leaders of the world would crumble in fear if they
	had any idea whatsoever about the extent of this. 

	It's only too bad that all the whitehat posers, who's only "skill"
	is publishing other peoples work and posting XSS to
	Full-Disclosure.  Why the fuck would anyone post anything to FD
	except for lulz & phear. This is beyond me.  	

|=---=[ Memorable Experiences/Hack	

        Putting gay porn on EFnet.org, only to realize everyone thought
        it was the pix from the oper convention... watching these morons
        scramble in fail, lol @ dns cache poison theory. 
	P.S.: EFnet NS still vuln to file editing attack. 
	Joining Ac1dB1tch3z, the most awesome phorce in nature. 
        Owning my own ISP at age 14. 
	Taking out an entire block of businesses using land.c, only later 
	to realize they all went bankrupt. 
	Figuring out nonexec stack and heap bypass techniques.
        Rm'ing idiot #phrack ops from existance. 
	Pissing off the vice president of South Africa.
	Pissing on the squad car first time I was arrested.
	Getting my ass handed to me by susieq after not having hacked for
	like a year.
	Linking in hacked up EFnet servers for teh lulz.
	Being too high on mushrooms to get my ass to HAR opening day.

|=---=[ Memorable people you have met

        You can meet people now? I thought that was what faceblog was for.
	Al Gore - The biggest hypocrit alive...wish I had an axe..
	Krzee - Crazy nigger flew all the way to NL just to party with me.
	Chris - Made Miami tolerable.
	Grimey & Lance - Viva Montreal!@#
	nomed - mah nl bro.
|=---=| Memorable places you have been

	svn.freebsd.org	- best source kood
	cookie.efnet.nl aka irc.efnet.nl - best online chats
	irc.narc.net - the name says it all
	ircd-hybrid.org - hello world
	Chelsea C.'s inbox - omg. you dirty thing

|=---=[ Disappointing people you have met

        I don't socialize with failurez, but maybe I can interest you in
        sum CASSOULET?

[=---=[ Can you be a hacker/blackhat without hacking anything

		Can you be a crack addict without smokin' da rawkz? No. 
	That said, I believe alot of people have the hacking spirit and
	just dont know it. The hacker mindset is prevailant in many people,
	too bad some people use it for the wrong purpose or ignore it 
	completely. If you see the light at the end of the tunnel, you are
	looking the wrong way.

|=---=[ Ac1dB1tch3z experience

		It was a damp day, EFnet had just been raped and violated
	like a hooker in the midst of an etherbinge mixed in with ghb and
	rohypnol, yes, a dream for most of you, I know. A friend of mine
	approached me about joining some gathering of hackers to take of 
	the world. This was my entrance into Ac1dB1tch3z. It took only a 
	few minutes to realize the magnitude of what I had become part of.
	Even hardened hackers I had known for ages would come, see the 
	constant scroll of mad hax og run away with the tails between their
	legs. They say ignorance is bliss, but ignoring that people that 
	have been doing reliable remote ring 0 exploits since 2001 is just
	retarded. I grew alot during my time in AB, being around people who 
	actually have a clue and are trustworthy was really useful to me.
	Suddenly I had access to pick the brains of the best hackers on the 

	Developing weaponized exploits was part of daily routine. Creating
	and proving new backdooring concepts was considered a passtime.
	Owning was considered a way of life, and that usually meant owning
	whitehat niggerz. The daily brainstorming about 0day ideas is
	probably what I miss the most.
|=---=[ Wikileaks? Julian Assange? Adrian Lamo?

		I think wikileaks is doing important work, by that i mean 
	pissing on the hypocracy that is the U.S. Army. Assange is a weirdo.
	Who knows if he raped and or molested those women. I would have.
	Now Adrian, he's a real class act. Eternal attention seeker, liar
	and bullshitter. He would do humanity a favour by jumping in a pool
	of liquid lava.

|=---=[ Memorable places you have been

                Amsterdam. Montreal. Cities of Sin. These are the kind of
        places you will find whitehats dressed as female prostitutes to
        serve your perverted desires, or the place to smoke a good joint
        and eat some mushrooms with nekkid sluts running around.

|=---=[ Things you are proud of

        Ruining whitehat and blackhat posers lives.
	Being the darkest blackhat alive. 
	Licking an entire sheet of LSD.
	Crashing 2 cars before i was 7.
	Holding the world record for most consumed drugs.
	Not yet murdering abh.
	Being the bigger man and not blowing up FD archives.
	Pissing off the vice prez of South Africa. 
	Having had my own private beach.
	Not watching TV.
	Cutting someones finger off in 3rd grade.
	Growing A+ weed.
	Restraining from physically beating whitehats into a pulp.
	Still being sane after 35grams of mushrooms. 

|=---=[ Things you are not proud of

        Realizing that people like kingcope exist and are allowed to walk
        around without having their fingers cut off and columbian necktie
        hanging out their throats.
	Knowing Osmosis had nude pix of Estella, after I found out she used
	to be a dude.
	Not knowing that Joanna used to be a dude, until recently.
	Not printing 1k t-shirts with dan kam's unpublished gmail pass on
	it for HAR..

|=---=[ Opinion about dark underground. Still exist? Where?

                It very much does. Whitehats would have you believe
        otherwise, probably because their world would crumble if they had
        any clue about the magnitude of it. I could tell you where, but I
	would have to kill you. 
|=---=[ Most impressive hackers

        sd, sauron, anakata, xtix, twiz, sgrakkyu, susieq, scut, halfdead,
        the_uT, blkho, halvar, duke (even tho iDefense sux).

|=---=[ Opinion about security conferences

                You might as well go turn yourself in. Fed-cons. Only
        reason to go to any of them is to hand Dan Kaminsky his inbox.
        P.S.: Dan, your girlfriend is fucking psycho man, I heard she
        tried to violate loophole... Don't fight your own battles?
	However, if i had to choose one, it would be Blackhat/defcon:
	Nowhere else on earth can you piss on that many whitehats in one
	go, not to mention epic shit like getting lh to hand Dan Kam is own

|=---=[ Opinion on Phrack Magazine 1985' ? 1995' ? 2005' ? '2009 ?

        Cool. Good. wtf?!. Getting there.

|=---=[ What you would like to see published in Phrack ?

                More articles about breaking the rules of the matrix. 
        More innovative advanced exploitation techniques. More hax news, 
        more ridicule, route got that part right. More whitehat rape.
|=---=[ Shoutouts to specific (group of) peoples

        Ac1dB1tch3z, zf0, h0no, UIA, #phrack ops, everyone@laggy, alloy,
        LaMaLo, the rest of 2l8, mad props to the ILF. 

|=---=[ Flames to specific (group of) peoples

                Whitehats can lick my nutz, spender smokes crack. I hope
        Dan Kaminsky dies from autoerotic asphyxiation. I know Ben Hawkes 
        will get gangraped soon. Well deserved, too. Fucking bug killer.
        Also: ret_ join your dead family. Alan..I hope the irish find you.

|=---=[ Quotes

                I wouldn't recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, 
        but they've always worked for me.

                In a closed society where everybody's guilty, the only
        crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin 
        is stupidity.

                The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because
	the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have 
	gone over.

                Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man
        affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, 
        munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.

|=---=[ Anything more you want to say 

        	Hackers always w1n. And by hackers, I mean blackhats.
        This fuckton of scada 0days isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but
        you can be sure we will put them to good use.

        I would also like to thank the Phrack staff for this honor.

--------[ EOF
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