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Current issue : #67 | Release date : 2010-11-17 | Editor : The Phrack Staff
IntroductionThe Phrack Staff
Phrack Prophile on PunkThe Phrack Staff
Phrack World NewsEL ZILCHO
Loopback (is back)The Phrack Staff
How to make it in PrisonTAp
Kernel instrumentation using kprobesElfMaster
ProFTPD with mod_sql pre-authentication, remote rootFelineMenace
The House Of Lore: Reloaded ptmalloc v2 & v3: Analysis & Corruptionblackngel
A Eulogy for Format StringsCaptain Planet
Dynamic Program Analysis and Software ExploitationBSDaemon
Exploiting Memory Corruptions in Fortran Programs Under Unix/VMSMagma
Phrackerz: Two TalesAntipeace & The Analog Kid
Scraps of notes on remote stack overflow exploitationpi3
Notes Concerning The Security, Design and Administration of Siemens DCO-CSThe Philosopher
Hacking the mind for fun and profitlvxferis
International scenesvarious
Title : Loopback (is back)
Author : The Phrack Staff
                              ==Phrack Inc.==

               Volume 0x0e, Issue 0x43, Phile #0x04 of 0x10

|=------------------------=[  L O O P B A C K  ]=------------------------=|
|=-------------------------=[  Phrack Staff  ]=--------------------------=|

    Hi there!

As you may have noticed, the Loopback tradition had been lost for years. 
The previous staff decided to remove it as it was a little bit hum... let's
say 'teasing' ;>

Can you remember Duvel's remark on that fact?

A brief history of the Underground scene (p64):

Take a look at the Phrack Loopback responses during the first 10 years
to the recent ones. A much higher percentage of responses are along the
lines of `you're an idiot, we at Phrack Staff are much smarter than 

Well good news folks, it's back. We chose to resuscitate it as:
    - it's fun. YES IT IS (especially considering the fact that people
      were not aware of its coming back)
    - we promise not to be too much of bitches (or so they hope) ;>
    - we want YOU to share with the Underground. As such for the next issue
      you are very welcome to send us mails of all kind
    - we are poor on philes for this issue (just kidding BTW, we're just
      elitist arrogant bastards)

We humbly apologize to all guys we never answered to neither by mail nor 
through this phile because we suck at filtering our spam (this could
_absolutely_ not be a laziness issue, right?)

Time to find out who wanted to say hello.

    -- The Phrack Staff

|--=[ 0x00 - From India ]=-----------------------------------------------=|

Subject: Re: Null Conference and Security Community
From: Prashant KV <bug@null.co.in> 
Cc: Marketing <marketing@null.co.in> 

    [ Marketing? :> ]


    [ Hi Prashant ]


Null is a community of enthusiastic hackers and security professionals in
India. It all started with a motive to promote advance security research in
Null has immensely contributed in nurturing young hackers and providing a
platform to amateurs. Over the years, the Indian industry and several
government organizations have benefited from the expertise of Null members.
Be it creating awareness among Indian developers or defending Indian 
Infrastructure, Null members are everywhere. 
As a part of continued efforts in creating awareness among our enthusiasts,
Null conducts an annual conference in carnival city of Goa called Nullcon. 
Hackers, talks, workshops, party and booze invites you, 25-26th feb 2011 
Goa India.

   [ Thanks to the Null members, we have an interesting paper on the Indian
     hacking scene. Kudos. Please have a look at their websites:

     http://null.co.in / http://nullcon.net/cfp-nullcon-dwitiya (CFP)

|--=[ 0x01 - Th1nkG33k ]=------------------------------------------------=|

Subject: Legion of Doom T
From: Ted Mosby

    [ Hi Ted. Is Barney with you? ]

Is this shirt still available? I know it's from the early 90s, but I had 
one of these and I've always wanted to get another.

(For a limited time, the original is back!)


The front of this classic shirt displays "Legion of Doom Internet World 
Tour" as well as a sword and telephone intersecting the planet earth, 
skull-and-crossbones style. The back displays the words "Hacking for Jesus"
as well as a substantial list of "tour-stops" (Internet sites) and a quote 
from Aleister Crowley.

    [ Dammit. We didn't even know it existed. Sorry bro, no clues on this 
      one. ]

|--=[ 0x02 - Drug abuse is bad ]=----------------------------------------=|

Subject: Binary is Hacked!!!
From: killerzerosones@null.net

555555555 55 5555 55 55555555 55555555 55 55
55 555 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55
55 5555 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55
55 555 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55
555555555 55 55 55 55 55555555 55555555 555555
55 555 55 55 55 55 55 55 555 55
55 5555 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55
55 555 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 555 55
555555555 55 55 5555 55 55 55 5555 55
55 555555555 55 55 55555555 55555555 55 55555 55555555 55555555
55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 5555 55 55 55
55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 555 55 55 55
55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55
55 555555555 55555555 55555555 55 555 55555555 55 55
55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55
55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 555 55 55 55
55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 5555 55 55 55
55 555555555 55 55 55 55 55555555 55 55555 55555555 555555555

Binary is setup as 0's and 1's and there are quite a few encodings that 
beat binary(machine language)...
256 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1
0 = .
1 = .5 = 2 = 1
1 0 = 5
1 1 = 5.5 = 52 = 26 = 13
1 0 0 = 50 = 25
1 0 1 = 50.5 = 502 = 251
1 1 0 = 55
1 1 1 = 55.5 = 552 = 69
1 0 0 0 = 500 = 250 = 125
1 0 0 1 = 500.5 = 5002 = 2501
1 0 1 0 = 505
1 0 1 1 = 505.5 = 5052 = 2526
1 1 0 0 = 550 = 275
1 1 0 1 = 550.5 = 5502 = 2751

When .5 is replaced with 2 keep halving number until prime without turning
number into a decimal for a faster encoding with the 0-9 numeral system. So
basically half all the numbers until the next half becomes a decimal I.e. 
being prime. This saves in space approximately 98 numerals per 100 places 
compared to machines language.

    [ Same post was found on: 
      You're crazy man :> Well this give us the hint that at least one guy 
      is reading our drug-related papers. ]

|--=[ 0x03 - Dating ]=---------------------------------------------------=|

Subject: CFP 67 and staff
From: Larry


Is there any place where I can talk to the staff, like it used to be in the

Is the old IRC still working?

    [ Unfortunately it's not. But rumor says we may be found on other IRCs.
      If you know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy then maybe... ]


|--=[ 0x04 - Interesting thoughts ]=-------------------------------------=|

From: Rachel Peek <rachelpeek@live.com>

    [ We sent you a mail Rachel. Having no answers, we assumed we could 
      publish it as it currently is. ]

Normally I would try to be convincing, but I'm not feeling it right now. 
The thing is, I recently wrote a sort of article on my personal opinions 
about the government. I don't really know if it's the kind of thing you're 
looking for, but I figured I would send it in anyway. Look down.

The thing with mental disorders is you never know if what you're feeling is
real. You don't know if you've made it all up in your head, if you just 
added all this stress into your life for nothing. But it feels real. As 
real as anything can, and it's scary as shit. It raises the questions: 
Which part of the brain is in charge of sanity? Or the more often times 
more prominent insanity? What causes us to say the things we say? What 
tells us to hurt the ones we hurt? What compels us to take the actions we 
take? WHY DO WE DO THE THINGS WE DO? This question has yet to be answered 
after all of these years. I think it's because we're too busy telling each 
other what to do, and now our heads are lost up the parts of our asses 
where maps aren't allowed. I am living proof of this stupidity. I don't 
know where my thoughts come from. I just know they're there and continue to
taunt me with their daily attendance. They will cause me to do things that 
will make others wonder. They will ask the inevitable question "Why?" I've 
just stopped answering. This is because my answer will never be good 
enough. I never seem to have the appropriate reasoning for my actions. For 
lack of a few better words, I just do shit. I do what I want. In today's 
society, this is a crime. In order to become a model citizen of the proud
U.S.A., you must never, ever do what you want to do. You are to do what you
are told and ask no questions. Not that it matters. You'll only be answered
with bullshit about how it will benefit you in the end. Take your 
modern-day education program for example. they provide you with a selection
of subjects to choose from, all of which have been watered down by the 
government to shield our innocent eyes from our country's mistakes and the 
fact that the world is a shitty place thanks to our existence. This is not 
easily done though, so they must distract us with ridiculous 
extracurricular activities that will be of no use to us ever in our lives. 
And they know it. So while we're busy learning how not to break an 
unfertilized chicken ova with a sharpee face, they're watching us. They ask

"How will they react to this?" 

"What will happen if we do that?"

They're searching for glitches, just like you would on a computer. You make
one wrong move, you take the tiniest step out of line, and they'll 
immediately make an attempt to "correct" it. How dare you be your own 
person? How dare you make your own decisions? You must fit the mold, and if
you don't, you better believe they're trying their damnedest to shove you 
into it. They want to catch us early you see. Before we realize how to 
think for ourselves. They tells us how to walk, stand, eat, sit, write, 
sing, THINK. And we eat the shit up. Why is this? Because if we don't, we 
are shunned. We are not like the others. We are alone. The "Man" depends on
our loneliness. The homosapien hates to be alone, and they are aware of 
this. Most people will do anything to avoid it, including shutting off 
their brains to fit in. So you fall in line and you follow these rules. You
might ask why they are there at all, but you will never be answered. You 
will simply be given an ultimatum. "To get a good job and be successful" 
Another way to put this would be, "Do exactly what you're ordered to or 
have a miserable life" But success is relevant...to some at least. 
Society's definition of success is money. You go to school to get a job to 
make money to spend money to run out and need it again. You get trapped in 
the cycle. Well what if your definition of success is happiness? You've 
most likely thought to yourself, "Oh shit" This is due to the fact that you
now know you are living in a world you don't belong in. You are living in a
world where happiness IS money, and no one will believe otherwise. And so 
you need money to get by. You have to delicately touch the filthy stuff. 
You have to carry it tenderly in your pocket, making sure it's in a safe 
place, meeting all of it's needs, caring for this shit with wasted love. 
And you get a job to acquire more. You get up every morning and you follow 
the speed limit up the road, and you buy your coffee that is made from 
beans picked by people who can't afford to taste it, and you walk into a 
building with big, clean windows and detailed columns cleverly placed to 
disguise the boredom that awaits you inside. You will sit. And you will 
sit. You will sit all day long in one of those swivel chairs that allow you
to do your pointless work at a slightly quicker pace by cutting out all of 
that rigorous head turning. You do this because you want to get out of 
there as soon as possible. You want to go home and eat your feelings. You 
want to stare at that black box as it tells you you are ugly. You are 
stupid. You are fat. You are not good enough. You are not the best. Be the 
fucking best. But you can't be. You never will be. You don't have time. 
You're so busy following that same goddamn schedule every day you don't 
have a single second to breathe and it's cutting the circulation off to 
your brain. You can only think what you've been taught to think and you'll
do so until you're on your deathbed trying to reflect on the life you led. 
Trying to remember something beautiful the way they do in the movies. But 
all you see are white button-downs and digital clock numbers, glowing 
computer screens and stock numbers. you have wasted your life and you might
as well be a cardboard cut-out of yourself. It's a sad thing to die a human

    [ Thanks for this Rachel. ]

|--=[ 0x05 - Translation proposal ]=-------------------------------------=|

Subject: Translation of phrack magazine 
From: Robert Langdon <langdonmail@gmail.com>

    [ Audrey Tautou <3 ]

Hi Phrack staff,

I'm an italian university student of Computer Science. I read many article  
of your magazine and I'm vary interesting about your magazine.

In this days, I think if is possible to translate your articles (not all
obviously) in italian language ... and I don't understand which is the  
distribution or publish license of yours article. The intent is to spread   
your knowledge to italian guys. Can I translate one or more article?
Obviously, the translation is one-to-one, with the same references, the same
authors and so on.

    [ As stated many times we do not support officially translations of 
      Phrack and that would be essentially because translations (even from 
      talented people) are not accurate enough. However, you're free to 
      translate any article. Good luck :) ]

Thanks for your great work.

    [ I'm confused. I thought you were Robert Langdon. ]

|--=[ 0x06 - Alcohol abuse ]=--------------------------------------------=|

From: Anonymous <nobody@remailer.paranoici.org> 
Subject: The risks of alcohol and being drunken bastards

Drinking Alcohol and Cancer Risk

Alcohol - The Risks | Health | BBC World Service

Alcohol - Risks 

4.5 The risks of alcohol

Effects & risks of alcohol - Schoolies Week 

Underage Drinking-Why Do Adolescents Drink, What Are the Risks ...  

Young people and alcohol - what are the risks? : Directgov - Parents

Drinking and alcohol - Live Well - NHS Choices  

 Alcohol and depression: What are the risks? - MayoClinic.com   

Health risks associated with alcohol and heavy drinking 

The Risks of Developing a Drug or Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol - Alcohol   

Alcohol Health Risks - Alcohol & Other Drugs, The Wellness Center ...   

Teenage binge drinking, effects of alcohol, facts about alcohol at ...  

Health Risks of Alcohol and Drug Abuse  

Health Risks In Alcohol Abuse   

For Teens: Know the Risks of Alcohol | HealthSheets | Wellness ...  

Alcohol and Breast Cancer Risk: New Findings - National Cancer ...  

Effects of Drinking Alcohol: Health Benefits vs. Risks  

Drinking alcohol\227Consumer Reports Health 


Getting drunken doesnt pown it is a fault of your own^^ 
Peace Phrack! 

    [ Fair enough ;> ]

|--=[ 0x07 - Insane delay ]=---------------------------------------------=|

Subject: a question                        <-- Needs ANTISPAM in Subject!
To: kleene@phrack.org, pwned@phrack.org    <-- Wrong address man!

What's the real sake of this delay, working on scada systems to attack 

    [ AHAH. Stuxnet developers if you ever read that, do not forget to 
      submit a paper on SCADA hacking for p68. ]

|--=[ 0x08 - Friendly messages ]=----------------------------------------=|

From: Cristi T.
Subject: hey

hey phrack, 

    [ Hi. ]

don't die.. i hope u will deliver this issue.   

    [ Actually we're not dead. If we were then who would be writing this? 
      ;) ]

Best wishes,

    [ Thx Cristi :) ]


From: ZZZ


I noticed that you guys have a lot of followers who are neophytes to 
hacking. If you would like an article or two on the very basics of 
footprinting, scanning, enumeration, or hacking I might be able to do some  
for you guys. I am an IT professional and educator. At least if my content 
is or newbies, it will be well written. Just let me know.   

    [ Hi. Sorry man. Wrong e-zine, consider asking Uninformed instead ;> ]

AKA W88ExitUS   

Sent from my iPhone 

    [ When did the times changed that much? :( ]


From: Christophe X
Subject: WTH ???

Hi guys,

I'm dying hoping to see the next number of phrack ... when would be the 67 
birth. Seriously, i don't think i have the skill for proposing sexy 
materials, but i'm serious enough for proposing you help for collecting / 
guiding authors. Let me know if you need help for rereading article. I'm 
french linux trainer, phrack was always my best emag, can't support to wait
for an annual release.

Best regards.

    [ You're always welcome to motivate potential writers. That itself is
      really helping. Thx. ]


From: rawhazard
Subject: ...bout issue #67

Hey men, just writing to know...what bout the issue #67? waiting for that 
since lots of time, u goin to "push the beast out"? or you won't no more? 
Lemme know, thanks  

    [ Well as you can see, we did. ]


From: f6174179c90c0366@gmx.com  

Thank you for maintaining phrack.

    [ You're very welcome bro. ]

|--=[ 0x09 - Busted??? ]=------------------------------------------------=|

From: "Robert S. Mueller" <crimecenter@fbi.gov>
Subject: Federal Bureau Of Investigation./Anti-Terrorist And Monitory Crime

    [ Wait. How did you find us? ] 

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)   
Anti-Terrorist And Monitory Crime Division. 
Federal Bureau Of Investigation.
J.Edgar.Hoover Building Washington Dc   
Customers Service Hours / Monday To Saturday
Office Hours Monday To Saturday:

Dear Beneficiary,   

Series of meetings have been held over the past 7 months with the secretary
general of the United Nations Organization. This ended 3 days ago. It is 
obvious that you have not received your fund which is to the tune of 
$850,000.00 due to past corrupt Governmental Officials who almost held the 
fund to themselves for their selfish reason and some individuals who have 
taken advantage of your fund all in an attempt to swindle your fund which 
has led to so many losses from your end and unnecessary delay in the 
receipt of your fund.

[ ... ]

    [ Oh that's nice. With that much money, we'll be able to pay for the 
      hosting & the DNS for centuries ;) ] 

|--=[ 0x0A - Book propositions ]=----------------------------------------=|

From: scott

Hello, I have a proposition today.  

My request is to be listed under S2D316 as an author on your website: 
http://www.phrack.org/authors.html, with the explicit purpose of writing a 
novel. I will of course be mining my fellow authors' data, and thus would 
of course need their approval.   

    [ Hum. LOL ]

I will be writing a minimum two thousand pages, divided amongst seven 

    [ Two thousand is not enough. Consider asking us back with at least the
      double. ]

I will of course be releasing it under HTML format, and would like the 
ability to FTP my pages as I deem them worthy.   

    [ Of course. I'm afraid the sys admin is currently on holidays. He will
      not be able to setup the FTP :( ]

If the above terms are met, proceeds will be negotiated.

    [ I'm sorry. Who are you again? ]

The name of the story is:   

The Underground Myth
Scott X

    [ We already have an article with that name. I'm afraid we'll have to
      sue you. Our lawyer will contact you soon enough. ]

|--=[ 0x0B - Newbies ]=--------------------------------------------------=|

    [ Information was removed to protect the innocent :> ]

Subject: Neophyte's Guide   

My mentor (X of #Y on freenode) had decided to write a
version 2 to his original Z Guide to the Underground. This   
guide lays out the framework for any neophytes looking to get into our  
world. It also lays out the the truth about white hats, black hats, 
and grey hats. As well as giving the basic's for anyone truly   
dedicated to learning.

    [ The truth? Sounds interesting :-P ]

I was inspired to write it after reading the article in phrack issue
65 entitled "the underground myth". Its so true, there are hardly any   
mentors out there that are actually reliable. Most are on some skiddie  
forum, and all they talk about is step by step SQL injections. And out  
dated RFI's.

    [ Yes. Step by step is annoying. ]

Due to this sickness infecting the web, we decided to write and 
publish this (for free of course). In the hops that it will steer the   
newbie's of the world away from GUI land, and back to our roots.

The book is 47 page's from start to finish. I believe that the  
information contained in said book is invaluable and would help a lot   
of people out.

    [ Invaluable? :) ]

I have been intrigued by almost every single issue of phrack. I know
typically Phrack puts up high level articles, but I have noticed that   
on occasion you guys will put something out there for the newbies, I
believe that this would be a very good addition to your awesome, and
inspiring publications. 

Thank you for your time and consideration of our book.  



    [ No problem Sam. Oh yes sometimes with PDF metadata you have that 
      kind of unfortunate leak ;> It would be wise to update your book :) ]

|--=[ EOF ]=-------------------------------------------------------------=|
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